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Now Introducing Claroty xDome for Healthcare

The Claroty Team
/ June 4th, 2024

The pace of automation and connectivity in healthcare environments is constantly accelerating. As hospitals, clinics, and medical offices continuously adopt new technologies to drive better patient outcomes, both clinical and non-clinical workflows become more interconnected and reliant on new technology. As new technologies emerge, however, traditional IT processes and controls may not always suffice or provide complete protection.

As Claroty continues to strive for its mission to secure the world’s most critical infrastructure across industrial, healthcare, commercial, and other critical industries, we understand the importance of providing in-depth domain expertise, coupled with world-class cybersecurity technology, to provide strong technology, customer support, and industry insights. 

Claroty’s healthcare business, Medigate by Claroty, was acquired by Claroty in 2021. Over the past 3 years, our healthcare business has seen tremendous growth and success as a part of the Claroty portfolio. Over this time period, we have:

  • Remained 100% healthcare-focused:Our business operates with dedicated staff such as product, data, research, marketing, sales and customer success with deep-domain knowledge about the healthcare industry. We also have dedicated staff evaluating data and protocols to create custom policies specifically for hospital environments.

  • Remained dedicated to innovation in healthcare security: We’ve added new capabilities to our solution such as advanced anomaly and threat detection capabilities purpose-built with clinical awareness, a multi-faceted data collection approach for clinical and non-clinical workflows, and continue to innovate on our clinical device efficiency  solution that leverages device data to drive greater operational efficiencies in hospital environments.  

  • Led the Industry in healthcare cybersecurity best practices and insights: With over 275 IDNs and 3000+ sites in our global healthcare portfolio, we’ve learned the market and strive to share our expertise across the industry. Earlier this year, we released our first Healthcare State of CPS Report providing valuable insights around cybersecurity trends and threats impacting the overall cybersecurity industry. We also use our research to provide better solutions for our customers. For example, we’ve recently monitored recent trends and pertinent threats pertaining to the exploitation of expanded attack surfaces brought with fragmented use of remote access solutions in healthcare environments. This has fueled our team to work with customers to  better support these threats within Claroty xDome.

  • Won numerous industry awards: In the last year, our platform has received awards in healthcare security, IoT security and cybersecurity. We are proud to say that we have been awarded the Best in KLAS for Healthcare IoT Security for the fourth year in a row, solidifying our unwavering commitment to the healthcare IoT domain and constant innovation in this space.

  • Maintained strong alliances with MDMs: Our industry partnerships with medical device manufacturers enable access to confirmed vulnerabilities and obtain direct MDM guidance on the exploitability of their devices. The manufacturer recommendations on remediation options (e.g., patch availability, compensating controls) streamline response to risks faster and more efficiently than navigating  disparate sources

So What’s Next? Claroty xDome for Healthcare

The Medigate Platform, Claroty’s purpose-built healthcare solution will soon merge into Claroty xDome. Medigate’s healthcare cybersecurity expertise will be augmented by Claroty’s extensive capabilities to protect and secure CPS (cyber-physical systems). CPS in healthcare environments consists of medical devices such as imaging systems and infusion pumps to operational technology including HVAC systems, electrical panels, and building automation controls. This doesn’t mean anything is changing for our existing healthcare customers or prospects, other than added benefits, such as:  

Stronger Risk Reduction

Medigate has been the only solution committed to holistically reducing cybersecurity risks unique to healthcare such as network segmentation programs, patching and streamlining, and medical device manufacturer-approved hardening approaches. Claroty xDome for Healthcare will now solve for even more common challenges across your healthcare cybersecurity journey, such as exposure management, network protection, threat detection, and operational efficiency while incorporating stronger expertise around cyber-physical systems (CPS) commonly found across modern healthcare networks. CPS devices remain a growing concern for healthcare delivery organizations. 30% of cybersecurity incidents within the healthcare industry have impacted building management systems while many feel that these types of technologies are likely to be unmanaged from a vulnerability management standpoint. With Claroty xDome’s ability to assemble and operationalize a strong depth of insight into CPS environments, from medical devices to operational technology, hospital environments can reduce security blindspots from this growing connectivity of devices that may be unmanaged by existing traditional IT processes and controls.

Faster Time-to-Value

Due to the complex nature and diversity of asset types within the modern healthcare network, Claroty xDome focuses on a tailored approach to discovery, employing a combination of collection methods that take into account the unique complexity of devices. While medical device security programs may rely on passive monitoring due to concerns of patient care disruption, faster time-to-value can be achieved with a greater level of asset visibility. Claroty xDome for Healthcare offers tailored discovery methods based on device types, risk tolerance, and operational constraints. This includes safe active scanning methods like Claroty Edge, our patented technology that can deliver full visibility into CPS environments in just minutes, a variation of our Edge capabilities purpose-built for medical devices that provides deep, patch-level vulnerability and insights, and strong integrations with medical device equipment and manufacturer guidance, providing visibility into key insights such as MDS2 files, SBOMs, and VEX files. With stronger asset visibility, Claroty xDome for Healthcare will provide faster time-to-value, and stronger risk reduction, tailor-made for healthcare environments. 

Lower Total Cost

Claroty xDome will continue to serve as a modular,  SaaS-based platform that scales to suit the unique needs of your healthcare environment. As one unified platform, Claroty xDome for Healthcare consolidates the management, monitoring, and control of CPS security while enabling organizations to streamline cyber risk management and manage their security postures with a comprehensive, real-time view. By combining Medigate’s healthcare cybersecurity expertise with Claroty’s extensive CPS knowledge, the solution will expand to provide more features and capabilities that eliminate the need for other point products or extra security controls. From an operational perspective, this will minimize resource allocation and training requirements with a single source of truth for asset visibility and improve device efficiencies with in-depth medical device information such as device location, utilization, and procurement insights.

Healthcare-Industry Expertise

Lastly, Claroty xDome for Healthcare will continue to offer deep domain knowledge regarding medical devices and the nuances of protecting and securing devices within clinical and non-clinical hospital workflows. With our strong existing customer base, we will continue to serve our healthcare customers with dedicated support, and share industry best practices and data insights based on our numerous implementations across the globe. 

For our existing customers, you will see near-term changes, such as the product name changing to Claroty xDome with more capabilities to follow. If you have any immediate questions or are interested in learning more how Claroty xDome can support your healthcare cybersecurity journey,  please view our on-demand webinar Ask Me Anything: Now Introducing Claroty xDome for Healthcare or simply request a demo.

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