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At Claroty, your satisfaction is our priority. Partner with us and experience the difference of customer care excellence in safeguarding your digital assets.

Today’s security leaders require organizations to continuously monitor for new threats and then challenge their teams to continuously evolve their policies, people, and technologies in response. In this environment, success hinges on continuous assessment and evolving to the changing world through a secure and dynamic operating model.  

At Claroty, our commitment to excellence extends beyond providing top-tier security solutions; it embodies our dedication to unparalleled customer care. We prioritize your peace of mind, understanding that your trust in our platform is paramount. With a relentless focus on your satisfaction, we promise:


We believe in open and transparent communication, keeping you informed every step of the way and fostering a relationship built on trust and collaboration.


Time is of the essence in the realm of cybersecurity. Our dedicated team is on standby, ready to address any concerns or issues promptly, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.


Knowledge is key to staying ahead of cyber threats. We are committed to providing ongoing education and resources to empower you and your team with the latest insights and best practices in cybersecurity.


We never rest on our laurels. Through continuous innovation and improvement, we strive to exceed your expectations and set new standards of excellence in software security.

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At a Glance

The Claroty Customer Experience team ensures your success through technical and program expertise and is uniquely qualified to guide you to operational maturity. Backed by resources across all of Claroty’s organizations, the team provides unique tools and best practices that will accelerate deployment, improve architectural stability, and enhance your security operations.

Your Customer Experience


Your journey begins with a seamless and efficient Onboarding phase, starting with an introduction-focused Kick-Off Meeting. We'll introduce you to the dynamic features of our Customer Portal and our online training system. We will also host a comprehensive Discovery Session. The goal is to grasp a deep understanding of your cyber security needs and objectives, and align them with our cutting-edge technology.


Our focus then transitions to Adoption, guided by our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). This phase is about turning the insights gained from the discovery session into tangible value, and encompasses an in-depth exploration of the core values of Claroty Technology. Our SMEs will guide you through a personalized series of experiences, designed to unlock the full potential of Claroty across several key areas of focus:


Deployment focused on optimizing real-time monitoring and detailed inventory of your cyber environment.


Guides you effectively in managing and protecting your digital and physical assets.


Employs advanced threat detection engine, reporting directly to your SOC team.

Vulnerability & Risk Management:

Offers robust tools for managing vulnerabilities and identifying risks at a nascent stage.


Establish defense mechanisms to safeguard the integrity and security of your network infrastructure.

The Journey to Achieving Cyber and Operational Resilience

Security maturity in the Cyber-Physical Systems space takes careful consideration, but Claroty can help you drive towards your targeted maturity, whilst enabling you to leverage your enterprise capabilities and investments.

Diagram illustration of the journey to achieving cyber and operational resilience.

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