Claroty Named a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: Operational Technology Security Solutions, Q2 2024
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Secure Access

Claroty xDome Secure Access (formerly SRA) delivers frictionless, reliable, and highly secure remote access to CPS environments for internal and third-party users.

The Secure Access Challenge

Ensuring secure access in cyber-physical systems (CPS) environments is crucial, yet traditional access solutions present significant barriers:

Operational Inefficiencies

Traditional solutions often don’t meet CPS needs, such as agentless access and reliable operation in high-latency or intermittently connected settings.

Network Access

VPNs and jump-servers typically grant broad access to the entire network rather than to specific devices. This lack of granularity complicates securing sensitive areas within the operational network.

Administrative Complexity

Managing user access in CPS environments requires manual configurations and lacks automated, detailed role-based controls (RBAC), increasing administrative and security challenges.

Compliance Shortcomings

Traditional solutions do not meet specific CPS regulations like IEC-62443 and NERC-CIP, often lacking essential real-time monitoring and detailed auditing needed for effective compliance and security management.

How Claroty Tackles the CPS Secure Access Challenge

Enhancing Operational Productivity

Claroty's xDome Secure Access is designed for the OT domain, enabling seamless connectivity for both first- and third-party users. It effectively reduces Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) by facilitating quick issue resolution, even in low bandwidth conditions, ensuring high system availability and resilience in critical sites.

Strengthens Security Controls with Zero Trust 

xDome Secure Access incorporates a Zero Trust framework, enhanced by Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) functionalities, to safeguard your organization’s OT systems. This comprehensive approach manages the entire identity lifecycle with utmost precision, significantly reducing the risk landscape and strengthening network defenses against both internal and external threats.

Streamlining Administrative Processes

With its scalable architecture, xDome Secure Access simplifies administrative tasks, operating seamlessly across both on-premises and cloud environments. It leverages the advanced asset discovery capabilities of the broader Claroty xDome Platform to enhance system onboarding, swiftly importing assets for a faster and more comprehensive setup. Integration with leading IAM tools further improves user identity management and centralizes control over policy creation and site management, minimizing downtime and boosting production resilience.

Ensuring Compliance and Auditing Integrity

xDome Secure Access offers necessary controls for real-time logging and auditing, essential for upholding comprehensive audit trails and adhering to stringent regulatory standards. This ensures your operations comply with the latest mandates, protecting your organization from potential legal and financial consequences.

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