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Securing Cyber-Physical Systems for National and International Governments

With a global presence across 50+ countries and broad expertise in international regulations and frameworks, Claroty is equipped to address your government agency's cyber-physical security challenges.

The National and International Public Sector Cybersecurity Challenge

National and international governments globally are increasingly relying on cyber-physical systems (CPS) to modernize critical infrastructure, optimize public services, and enhance defense across all manner of urban, suburban, and rural locales.

However, the connectivity that underpins these systems is also exposing them to risks that are uniquely difficult to manage. Not only are most CPS incompatible with traditional cybersecurity tools, but the scale of the initiatives they support — and an evolving regulatory landscape — introduce even greater challenges.

Tackling these challenges to, ultimately, ensure resilience, requires specialized technology designed to secure all types of CPS used by your institution — from operational technology (OT) assets to building management systems (BMS) to IoT devices — otherwise known as the Extended Internet of Things (XIoT). Enter Claroty.

National and International Government Industry Segments

With our purpose-built cyber-physical systems security platform and global presence, Claroty will equip you to protect all XIoT devices critical to your mission and the services your constituents rely on — all while enabling you to adhere to ISO 27001, IEC 62443, and other applicable standards and regulatory and compliance requirements.


Public hospitals and clinics are integral to public health — and as more embrace the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and other CPS to enhance care quality, the stakes of medical device cybersecurity are higher than ever. A testament to this is the mounting scale of regulations and standards increasingly obligating healthcare providers globally to protect care delivery against escalating risks.


Electricity is the lifeblood of modern society, and the public relies on safe, dependable service from utilities providers to carry out their daily lives. The highly disruptive nature of power outages makes electric utilities operators and infrastructure an appealing target for threat actors, so utilities operators must take care to mitigate the cyber-physical risks exacerbated by digital transformation.


Water is crucial to sustaining life, and anything that compromises the availability of water and/or wastewater systems or purity of drinking water poses a substantial public health risk that can trigger a domino effect across all critical infrastructure sectors. As these essential systems are modernized, comprehensive cyber-physical security for water and wastewater facilities is essential.


Public transit systems, airports, railways, and port facilities are incorporating cyber-physical systems to streamline operations, drive supply chain efficiencies, and enhance passenger safety. At the same time, mitigating the risks inherent to these systems is not only essential — it requires a specialized approach that adheres to all relevant national and regional regulations, standards, and legislation.


Defense and military institutions are turning to cyber-physical systems to enhance public safety and security by optimizing operations across power generation, facilities management, navigation, and even on the battlefield, among other areas. Given the nature of such operations, resilience is critically important — which is why the risks of connected systems must be mitigated.

Your Trusted Advisor for Public Sector Cybersecurity

Claroty is trusted by public sector institutions across all Five Eyes countries, is one of the first vendors to join CISA's expanded Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative for ICS, and is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Innovators Community. These engagements are among many that demonstrate our deep commitment to working with world leaders to drive resiliency by addressing systemic threats to critical infrastructure.


Prestigious third parties continually recognize Claroty for our cyber-physical security leadership and innovation.

Verticals Supported

The expertise and flexibility integral to our portfolio are embraced by customers across all sectors, including government agencies, industrial and commercial enterprises, and healthcare organizations.

Protocols Covered

Our industry-leading visibility is fueled by unmatched coverage of over 450 XIoT protocols.


Our award-winning Team82 research team has disclosed more cyber-physical vulnerabilities than any other vendor or group.

Boosting Cyber Resilience with Claroty Public Sector

Asset Discovery

You can’t protect what you can’t see — which is why our asset discovery capabilities are foundational not only to your cyber resilience — but to your entire industrial cybersecurity journey.

  • Gain a comprehensive and fully automated XIoT asset inventory

  • Harness in-depth communication and behavioral profiles for all XIoT assets

  • Choose between multiple asset discovery methods to achieve visibility your way

Exposure Management

A key barrier to cyber resilience, vulnerabilities and exposures are inevitably prevalent in public sector XIoT environments. We banish this barrier from your environment.

  • Automatically correlate your XIoT assets with vulnerability and risk information

  • Prioritize remediation efforts based on validated exposures

  • Enable continuous security posture management and compliance

Network Protection

We help you sustain cyber resilience by fortifying your environment with notoriously tough-to-implement components of effective network protection.

  • Jumpstart network segmentation with tailored recommendations

  • Enforce granular access controls for remote internal and 3rd-party users

  • Implement a Zero Trust architecture to minimize cyber risk exposure

Threat Detection

Since no public sector XIoT environment is immune to threats — ranging from opportunistic cybercriminals to nation-state adversaries to unintentional errors — we empower you to detect and respond to them immediately and effectively.

  • Continuously monitor for all known and unknown threats

  • Extend or develop your SOC capabilities to cover your public sector XIoT environment in its entirety

  • Mitigate cyber attacks before they impact your operations

Strengthening Operational Resilience with Claroty Public Sector

Asset Discovery

Operational resilience requires a centralized, in-depth, always-up-to-date inventory of all XIoT assets that underpin your industrial operations.

  • Gain a comprehensive XIoT asset inventory automatically

  • Harness in-depth profiles for all XIoT assets, with information such as manufacturer, and firmware version

  • Choose between multiple asset discovery methods for visibility your way

Change Management

We equip you with optimal change management to drive safety and process integrity on your path to operational resilience.

  • Empower MoC programs with continuous operations monitoring

  • Take advantage of detailed XIoT asset profiles to optimize workflows

  • Use flexible reporting to track progress and assist with state or federal audits

Asset Management

We provide you with an XIoT asset inventory that arms you with the asset management details you need to reduce your operational risk.

  • Automatically monitor your assets for updates

  • Easily prioritize necessary updates based on risk

  • Streamline SLA compliance and reporting processes

Secure Access

Remote access is critical to continuity — yet traditional methods are risky and inefficient. Our approach provides continuity without compromise, while enabling you to overcome talent shortages and other constraints with secure remote accessibility.

  • Eliminate the need for jump servers or complex firewall configurations

  • Offer an ideal remote-user experience that reduces mean time-to-repair (MTTR)

  • Tightly control and secure all remote sessions

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