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Operational Intelligence for Healthcare

Use device location, risk, and related data to drive decisions and improve operational efficiencies.

The Healthcare Operational Intelligence Challenge

Clinical engineering teams rely on being able to operate devices efficiently to support patient care. Challenges with operational intelligence include:

Locating Devices In Your Environment

Devices can be moved or difficult to find to be available for patient care. If devices go missing and inventory records are not reliable, this results in time-consuming disconnects.

Data Disconnects & Manual Routines

Manual routines used to onboard devices, manage their lifecycle, and locate them when they need preventative maintenance are time-sinks that result in data deficits and inaccuracies.

Out-of-Compliance Devices Still in Use for Patient Care

Unsupported, end-of-life, or non-compliant devices may still be operating without the required updates and services. Using these devices can cause risk to patient care.

How Medigate Tackles the Operational Intelligence Challenge for Healthcare

Locate Lost & Missing Devices

The Medigate Platform tracks the physical location of devices within your healthcare environment. With dynamic inventory reconciliation, HDOs know what devices they have, where, and how they are operating to streamline operations and reduce risks.

Efficient Preventative Maintenance

The Medigate Platform integrates with asset management systems to help clinical engineering and security teams support and secure devices with precision. The platform improves asset allocations and accelerates remediation workflows.

Mitigates Risk to Patient Care

The Medigate Platform provides automated operational efficiency and risk recommendations. HDOs can accurately identify risks and opportunities and trigger associated actions to improve secure and efficient operations.

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