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Threat Detection for Healthcare Environments

Detect and respond to the earliest indication of emerging threats with unmatched clinical context and visibility.

The Healthcare Threat Detection Challenge

No healthcare environment is immune to threats, and being able to detect and respond effectively to cyber-physical system (CPS) threats when they surface is challenging:

Targeted Attacks on Healthcare Are on the Rise

"Cyber safety is patient safety” is a reoccuring theme across the healthcare world. Hospitals and clinics are increasingly targeted by malicious actors due to their growing CPS attack surface, the critical nature of their operations, and intolerance towards interruptions in patient care delivery.

Traditional Monitoring Tools Are Incompatible

While most organizations use some form of threat detection for their IT systems, traditional solutions like firewalls and endpoint security lack the depth of network reach required to properly identify, assess, and prioritize threats to CPS in the healthcare network.

Lack of Clinical Context Within IT-Centric Teams

Understanding the full scope of threats within, and how they can affect, healthcare environments requires a clinically-aware approach to cybersecurity. Without this, prioritizing the right threats can be a challenging endeavor.

How Claroty Tackles the Threat Detection Challenge for Healthcare

Purpose-Built Monitoring for Healthcare Environments

Detecting the variety of threats that can impact the healthcare environment requires a multi-pronged approach. The Medigate Platform was designed specifically for healthcare networks, making it capable of detecting a broad spectrum of threats our customers face while maintaining the integrity of clinical workflows and outcomes.

Minimize False Positives with Precise Alerting

The complex, non-standard IT workflows of clinical environments and the diversity of devices within them makes monitoring for threats susceptible to false positives. The Medigate Platform alerts when a device operates outside of learned, “known good” behaviors and when known signatures are detected, streamlining alerts and helping to optimize your prioritization and response. In turn, this means reduced alert fatigue and gives you more time to focus on the threats that matter most.

Validate Security Controls with Custom Alerts

Every healthcare system is unique, and therefore requires more than a one-size-fits-all approach to cybersecurity. The Medigate Platform allows you to create and continuously monitor for specific communication scenarios that are designed to enhance your security posture or to validate adherence to internal and/or regulatory compliance measures.

Extend Existing Capabilities into Clinical Environments

Claroty’s vast ecosystem of technology partners helps integrate our clinically-aware threat detection capabilities with existing security solutions such as security appliances and orchestration tools, helping you unify alerts and security processes into a centralized workflow. The Medigate Platform helps you confidently and effectively manage all alerts from across the healthcare environment — all from a single pane of glass within existing tools.

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